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Laser Cladding

WILHELM (S.E.A.) Pte. Ltd. provides Laser cladding services for hardfacing and corrosion resistant applications. The Laser cladding process utilizes a high power laser beam as the welding heat source, a CNC positioner and specialized cladding nozzles designed for powder filler injection. Together, it provides high quality cladding that meets the most stringent requirements.


  • High precision process with very low heat input
  • The metallurgical bond created between the coating and the base material produces a very small heat affected zone with very low dilution coating, thereby attaining the desired properties in a single layer.


Common Base Material Grades Common materials utilized in manufacture of oilfield MWD/LWD Collars. 17-4PH, INCONEL 718/925, P550, Duplex Stainless Steel and AISI 41XX.
Common Weld Overlay Grades Tungsten carbide/ Nickel-Chrome composite, Nickel alloy 625/C-276, Cobalt Alloys, Copper alloys and various other stainless steel grades.
Laser Cladding Applications (Drilling tools) Hardfacing of MWD/LWD drill collars, Stabilizer sleeves, Wear bands.
Laser Cladding Applications (Engineering) Hardfacing of Guides and rollers for steel works. Cladding of bearing surfaces on transmission shafts, pump shafts, drive shafts, hydraulic cylinder rods
Laser Cladding Applications Cladding of thermowells for chemical process plants and refineries. Hardfacing of wear parts for brick and clay works, pulp and paper, mining and agriculture industries.
Working Capabilities Custom designed CNC welding positioner for oilfield drilling tools. Maximum work piece length of 10meters and diameter up to 800mm. Internal cladding capabilities from min 75mm bore to 1 meter long application(s).

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